A   M A T T E R    O F    H O N O R

A Matter Of Honor's 

Executive Directors

    Lieutenant Colonel Richard L Edmonds (Retired)              Lieutenant Colonel Linda Fletcher (Retired)

The CEO of A Matter of Honor, Lieutenant Colonel Edmonds' entire career has been dedicated to service and helping others. Richard began his career in the U.S. Marine Corps following graduation from college, he spent 23 years in active duty and Marine Corps reserve duty. He also has 20+ years of experience helping Veterans with job placement, training and career skills. Lt. Col. Edmonds has 20 years experience as an attorney specializing in Estate Planning.

Founder, board member, and senior consultant to A Matter of Honor, Lieutenant Colonel Fletcher conducted an 8 year study of PTSD before creating A Matter of Honor in an effort to educate the general public regarding Post-Traumatic Stress. Her insistence that PTSD is an epidemic, pushes A Matter of Honor to integrate changes in theory and treatment regarding PTSD, that will lead to an easier and more rapid reintegration into our society for our warriors with invisible wounds. Lt. Col. Fletcher served as a consultant to the Surgeon Generals of both Europe and Southeast Asia.

Why A Matter Of Honor?

They Enlist With Such Honor

And Then They Are Off To Defend Our Freedoms

Some Are Honored

But Many Are Lost Due To Suicide As A Result Of P.T.S.D.

What We Do At A Matter Of Honor..

A.M.O.H. selects the most aggressive cutting edge research organizations that are dedicated to identify not only causes but solutions for Veteran Suicide; and then provides the undying support our Vets need. AMOH provides the therapeutic activities leading our veterans out of the darkness they currently face alone. Supporting the kinship among the brothers and sisters in our military is more than a first step in rescuing the best of us from the effects of the wars they endured for all of us.

Headed by the talent and resources that advised our Surgeons Generals of both Europe and Asia. Grants will be awarded to ground breaking technologies such as, but not limited to Immunotherapy and Radiology. These major areas of treatments must be accelerated by our support. An assembly of the best minds and institutions in the country are to be funded until we find the answers. 100% of donations generated by A Matter of Honor are directed to put an end to our two top priorities...



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An End Must Be Put To These Issues That Affect Us All!

Your Donation Will Save The Lives Of Veterans 

And Those Who Continue To Suffer From Cancer...


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